Did you know there are multiple printing methods for shirts and other promotional products? Depending on what you need, one method may be very expensive, while another will fit right into your budget.

​Keep on reading to learn about the methods we offer and what each one is best for.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular printing option for bulk shirt orders, and for good reason. 

As you can tell from the picture on the right, screen printing has the ability to produce very detailed images on products, so if you have or desire a design with fine lines and intricate patterns, this is a fantastic printing method for you.

This method requires a setup fee for each design, so if you're interested in purchasing more than 10 shirts of one image, screen printing can drastically cut down the cost per tee. 


With sublimation, heat is used to transfer ink onto a product. The ink bonds with a surface and it becomes part of the product it has been printed on. If you run your finger over the image, you won't be able to feel anything.

The products we can sublimate on are limited because of how this process works. Sublimated images look best on lighter colors. 

This is our most popular method for mugs, as the image won't fade over time. You can contact us for specific sublimation product options, but we've used this for tees, phone cases, travel mugs and other promotional products in the past.

Thermal Bonding

Thermal bonding is a process that we've used since our company began. We take professional-grade vinyl and apply it to tees with a commercial-grade press machine.

This process allows us to easily customize individual shirts, like numbers and last names for sports teams. This is a fantastic option if you want only one or just a few custom tee shirts, because you don't have to pay an initial setup fee like you would have to for screen printing.

Printing Portfolio

Check out the gallery below for examples of work we've printed in the past: